CATSThe cat lover’s guide to bonding with your new kitten

The cat lover’s guide to bonding with your new kitten

Are you thinking about getting a new kitten or have you recently brought home a new fur baby? Bonding with your new pet can be a lot of fun but it also takes time and a lot of patience. Read on for the cat lover’s guide to bonding with your new kitten:

Show affection

When you first bring your kitten home, they may be quite nervous as they settle into their new environment. Offer your fur baby plenty of cuddles (if they want them!) and try to reassure them as much as possible. A gentle approach is the best way forward here. Once your kitten feels safe and secure in your company, your bond can begin to grow. A few chin scratches won’t go amiss either!

Groom regularly

Cats are prone to knots and tangles in their fur. Not only does grooming them regularly help keep their coat healthy and soft, it also helps secure the bond between the pair of you. They need to get used to being handled from a young age and grooming cements trust between pet and pet owner.

Stick to a schedule

Kitten with Webbox Lick-E-LixJust like dogs, cats feel secure when they know what to expect from their owners. Be consistent in your approach to caring for your pet and set a schedule soon after you first bring them home. Feed them at the same time, play with them at the same time and try to create a routine that works for both you and your pet. Security is one of the key ingredients to everlasting love!

Play games

We all know how much energy kittens have! Play time is a great way to tire them out and keep their brains stimulated as well as helping to solidify the bond you have. When kittens come to associate you with fun and happiness, they’ll want to spend more time in your company. Kittens love to hide, pounce, chase and climb so there are a number of ways you can keep them entertained. Household items such as cardboard boxes and loose pieces of string are great for play time. You can also give them an extra incentive by offering Webbox Lick-e-Lix or kitten-friendly treats during play.

Allow space

As much as you might want to spend every last minute with your new pet, it’s worth keeping in mind that this might be a bit overwhelming for them. Kittens need a lot of space and may lash out if they feel smothered by you. Respect your fur baby’s boundaries and allow them to spend time alone if that’s what they want. Be warm and accepting if they come to you but don’t try to force them to spend time with you.

Feed them right

Webbox Naturals Cat Tasty SticksThey say that the way to a man’s heart is through this stomach, but as it turns out, this is also the way to your kitten’s heart! Feeding your pet healthy, nutritious and delicious food will go a long way towards securing the bond between you both. Measure your kitten’s portions carefully, as some cats have a tendency to overeat! Webbox Naturals pet food includes only the highest quality ingredients and will promote your pet’s health from nose to tail. We have kitten food that’s been developed with their specific needs in mind so pet owners can be at ease knowing their kitten is getting the very best.

Ultimately, when it comes to establishing an everlasting bond with your kitten, you just need to be consistent in your approach. When we give our pets our hearts, they often give us theirs in return!


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