CATSCat HealthcareThe emmi- pet 2.0 ultrasonic toothbrush

The emmi- pet 2.0 ultrasonic toothbrush

Secure the 2nd generation of the emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush for your pet now!

The 2nd generation of the emmi-pet ultrasonic toothbrush has a much better effect on skin and teeth due to an improvement in the ultrasonic frequency. This leads to an even better cleaning result than with your predecessor from the 1st generation.

emmi pet toothbrushBut what does the “improvement of the ultrasonic frequency” mean?

The ultrasound is transported to the area to be treated (skin or teeth) by the optimised frequency rate. By increasing this frequency, the ultrasound is therefore transported more evenly to the affected area. Conversely, this leads to an improved cleaning result and makes the upgrade to the emmi-pet 2.0 basic set so effective.

The emmi-pet 2.0 Basic Set is suitable for all pet owners, groomers and breeders who personally care for the health and care of their four-legged friend. This set contains everything you need for painless, gentle and thorough removal of plaque and bacteria from your pet.

The set contains the 2nd generation emmi®-pet 2.0 ultrasonic toothbrush as well as a charging station, two emmi®-pet ultrasonic attachments (1 x large / 1 x small) and the emmi-pet ultrasonic toothpaste for animals.

With regular use, the animal quickly gets used to the emmi®-pet 2.0 ultrasonic toothbrush. To prevent tartar, gingivitis and secondary diseases, we recommend regular use of the emmi-pet 2.0 ultrasonic toothbrush. This also gives the animal noticeably fresher breath.

Treat your dog’s skin and coat with ultrasonic technology now!

emmi pet toothbrushTake advantage of the blood circulation-promoting and anti-inflammatory effect of ultrasound and optimise the synergy potential of our emmi®-pet in combination with the emmi-pet hydrogel and wound solution for cleaning and disinfecting skin and wounds.

The emmi-dent ultrasound technology has proven to be very efficient in cleaning people’s teeth for years. In the development of our emmi-pet, we paid special attention to these positive properties, which are specially adapted to the needs of animals.

Treat inflammations caused, for example, by ticks, also with ultrasound! Your quadruped will thank you for it. Our emmi®-pet 2.0 care set with the HOCL hydrogel and wound solution will convince you with its soft and healthy coat.

The emmi®-pet Hydrogel and wound solution is the remedy of choice for bacterial or fungal hoof diseases, wounds, cuts, skin irritations, skin injuries, insect bites and tick bites. The affected areas are disinfected by rinsing generously. At the same time, the solution acts efficiently against unwanted bacteria, fungi and viruses, thus creating the best conditions for wound healing.

All about our HOCL hydrogel and wound solution advantages:

The HOCL Advantage

The outstanding effect of all Sanocynforte products is based on the ingredient HOCL, which is also used in our body‘s natural defence system. HOCL is very effective against pathogens – more highly organized cell structures, such as human or animal tissue, have developed protective mechanisms to be insensitive to HOCL. Sanocynforte works efficiently without damaging healthy tissue.

  • Effective against bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • Painless application
  • Free from antibiotics
  • Without alcohol
  • Very well tolerated by the skin
  • pH-neutral
  • Without colourings and fragrances
  • No known resistances or contraindications
  • harmless when taken orally

emmi-pet was certified as an animal welfare-friendly product by the ” Panel on animal welfare and animal husbandry” (FTT) in Austria and received the GHP Technolgoie Award for Leading Innovators in Dental Cleaning Technology in 2019.

emmi-pet – Patented ultrasonic technology.

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Gerauer Strasse 34
64546 Moerfelden-Walldorf
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