CATSCat HealthcareThe emmi®-pet 2.0 Ultrasonic Toothbrush

The emmi®-pet 2.0 Ultrasonic Toothbrush

Secure the 2nd generation of the emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush for your pet now!

The 2nd generation of the emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush has a much better effect on skin and teeth due to an improvement in the ultrasonic frequency. This leads to an even better cleaning result than with your predecessor from the 1st generation.

But what does the “improvement of the ultrasonic frequency” mean?

The ultrasound is transported to the area to be treated (skin or teeth) by the optimised frequency rate. By increasing this frequency, the ultrasound is therefore transported more evenly to the affected area. Conversely, this leads to an improved cleaning result and makes the upgrade to the emmi®-pet 2.0 basic set so effective.

The emmi®-pet 2.0 Basic Set is suitable for all pet owners, groomers and breeders who personally care for the health and care of their four-legged friend. This set contains everything you need for painless, gentle and thorough removal of plaque and bacteria from your pet.

SPECIAL OFFER for you includes the 2nd generation emmi®-pet 2.0 ultrasonic toothbrush as well as a charging station, 6 emmi®-pet ultrasonic attachments (3 x large / 3 x small) and the emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothpaste for animals as well as the rosewood sticks for a sensational price of £210.09 with our discount code “DEAL“. (enter the code at the end of the order process)

With regular use, the animal quickly gets used to the emmi®-pet 2.0 ultrasonic toothbrush. To prevent tartar, gingivitis and secondary diseases, we recommend regular use of the emmi®-pet 2.0 ultrasonic toothbrush. This also gives the animal noticeably fresher breath.

emmi®-pet ultrasonic – good health starts with good teeth

emmi®-pet ultrasonic is a dental care which appeals to cats and dogs. The worldwide patented hygiene system for teeth and mouth was especially developed to fulfil the needs of cats and dogs, and cleans teeth and gums silently and without any motions. Simply put a small amount of ultrasonic toothpaste on the brush attachment and hold it onto the teeth of your pet – emmi®-pet handles the actual cleaning on its own. Dental plaque and bacteria are removed gently without any scrubbing or humming, by 96 million ultrasonic air vibrations per minute. Via the ultrasonic vibrations contaminations are transported outwards and thus teeth and gums are cleansed thoroughly and gently – no chance for bad breath, dental calculus, gum diseases and resulting complications caused by bacteria in the mouth

The benefits of emmi®-pet ultrasonic

Preventative Care to the Fullest Extent

A regular use saves the additional visit to the vet for dog and owner: emmi®-pet ultrasonic removes dental plaque easily and prevents dental calculus as well as tooth and gum diseases (Dependent on how and how far a tooth is already affected.)

Patented Ultrasonic

emmi®-pet ultrasonic is a worldwide patented hygiene system for teeth and mouth. In comparison to other electric toothbrushes (with about 40,000 mechanical motions) the piezo chip in the head of the brush cleans with up to 96 million ultrasonic air oscillation movements per minute.

White Teeth

Via ultrasonic, the teeth stay shining and white.

Silent and without any Vibrations

emmi®-pet ultrasonic will not distress your pet.

Fresh Breath

emmi®-pet ultrasonic removes germs and bacteria, which lead to bad breath. Meaning: bye-bye to the little stinkers!

emmi®-pet was certified as an animal welfare-friendly product by the ” Panel on animal welfare and animal husbandry” (FTT) in Austria and received the GHP Technologie Award for Leading Innovators in Dental Cleaning Technology in 2019.

emmi®-pet – Patented ultrasonic technology.

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