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The Green Pantry – Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing.

One of the best feelings in the world is bringing home a new puppy – or rescue dog that might have had an unsettled past – and bringing them into their new loving home. Having a dog as part of your family is a wonderful experience, bringing loyalty, companionship and wellbeing to your life.

wellbeingLong dog walks offer a great escape from lockdown-life and it’s  always exciting picking out a bright new collar; a comfy, cosy bed; and a stylish feed bowl.  But what to put inside that shiny new feed bowl? The diet can often be overlooked as the most important part of having a dog.

This is where we come in: Green Pantry Holistic Pet Foods – a small, independent pet food manufacturer based in beautiful West Norfolk. Established in 2008 but with more than 40 years experience within the animal welfare and pet food industry. We’ve seen a lot of changes within an industry that has grown beyond belief. Never has the selection of foods and different approaches been so vast. Owners are often telling us how bewildering and confusing the scale and variety of dietary options on offer to their pets are. Having a dog as part of your family is a great responsibility. Choosing the correct diet should not be a decision taken lightly – your dog relies on you for this.

A complete food should offer excellent nutrition, health and wellbeing, whilst containing the highest quality ingredients sourced from traceable and trusted farms. We understand how difficult this can be – the overwhelming amount of information available can hinder as much as help. We like nothing more than speaking to our customers and offering as much assistance and information as we possibly can. We take this as importantly as you do and enjoy having this direct contact. All of our natural diets contain only the highest quality ingredients, are presented in recyclable paper packaging and are suitable for all life’s  stages. This means you can feed Green Panty diets to puppies, adult and senior dogs without the need to change foods.

As well as using fully traceable and responsibly-sourced ingredients, and refusing common allergens and unnecessary chemicals, our unique formulations contain a bespoke herbal mix: Pura-Pel. Our herbal mixes are tailored towards maintaining health, wellbeing and boosting the natural immune system and form part of our holistic feeding approach. Holistic feeding looks at the root cause of an issue rather than the symptoms. Itching, poor digestion or mobility issues can all be attributed to diet. Many of these problems can be helped long-term with the correct diet, rather than treating the symptoms short-term. All of our diets share this simple approach and ethos: Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing.

Good solid advice and experience costs nothing but can be priceless in helping our dog lead the best life possible. Surveys suggest having a dog as part of your family can lower stress, encourage exercise and enhance childhood. They offer so much into our lives, we really should be offering them the very best in nutrition and health in return.

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