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The home of handmade canine skincare. Peanut & Pickle will always put Pets and Planet first.

Peanut & Pickle is a Cheshire based canine skincare company.

We started the company three years ago in 2020 and are so proud of the journey we have been through. With effects from Covid-19, businesses had to close including Dog groomers.

We quickly moved with the times and begun making short videos educating owners on how to correctly use different grooming products which has in return lead us to grow a loyal & close customer base.

We educate ourselves by learning from the top professionals of the canine industry, along with leading labs in the cosmetic industry. This is to make sure our products are the best on the market whilst sticking to our core values that our products are sustainable, cruelty free, vegan & palm oil free.

Our love for the planet we live on shows in the service & products we offer. From PCR Packaging all the way to the eco-friendly starch pellets that we use in all our orders in replacement of polystyrene.

From Prebiotic shampoos to flea defence products, Peanut & Pickle has a bubble for every dog. Use the code “HealthyPet” for 10% off your next order.

For more information, please visit the website peanutandpickle.co.uk

By Simon C.H.T



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