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The SEBO Pet range machines

Large homes, small homes, large pets, small pets, long hair, short hair; there is a variety of circumstances that a vacuum cleaner needs to deal with in a household with pets, however, SEBO have the answer in one of their ranges of Pet machines.

The X7 Pet has a large capacity and can cope with large areas and copious amounts of pet hair with ease. The unique Computer Control System optimises performance, ensuring that the brush is always at the correct height for ease of use and long carpet life. It will even work when flat and has a Searchlight to reveal hidden dust and debris. Even better, it features SEBO’s fantastic Boost function to reach deep into the pile to remove stubborn pet hair. “A” rated filtration, with activated charcoal for odour removal, cleans the air, and the sealable, Ultra Bag ensures that once dirt is picked up, you never have to see it again.

Dogs with pet vacuum cleanerDesigned to be suitable for all floor types; The Felix Pet takes a new twist on the upright vacuum cleaner concept, with a unique swivelling neck to allow it to manoeuvre around furniture with ease. The low-profile L-shaped power head will clean up to the edge and under furniture and radiators.

The handle height can be adjusted for comfort and is ideal for storage, whilst variable power lets you choose the optimum suction level. The powerhead can be removed at the push of a button, transforming the body of the machine into a handheld, perfect for car cleaning or stairs, the brush roller can be turned off for delicate floors and rugs. An additional Kombi head and a mini turbo brush provides for perfect pesky, pet hair pick up too!

The SEBO Pet range

For those who prefer cylinders, SEBO offer the compact, yet powerful K1 Pet and the larger capacity E1 Pet which has a Boost function to 1200 Watts. Both feature SEBO’s patented comfortable handle, stainless steel telescopic tubes, a Floor Turbo Brush and a Stairs and Upholstery Turbo Brush. They also have SEBO’s unique AirBelt technology forming a soft bumper to protect walls and furniture. Easy-glide castors let the machines move with the lightest pull and ride over thresholds with ease. The full-size upholstery and crevice nozzles are conveniently located in the machine and are always at hand.

The SEBO Pet range works with you, and your home. Professional quality attachments, hygienic sealable bags for dust-free dirt disposal and all-around powerful pickup performance mean you won’t be chasing your tail when it comes to cleaning up after your pets!

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