e-NewsletterThe way to your dog’s heart? A happy tummy

The way to your dog’s heart? A happy tummy

Our dogs’ digestive health is amongst the most important factors to improve the quality of their lives. Did you know a healthy tummy helps boost immunity, optimises digestive function (fewer runny bums) and even improves skin conditions?

At Buddy & Lola, we’re experts in dog health nutrition and have already helped over 100,000 dogs feel happier and healthier!

So to give your dog a long and active life, introducing them to a daily probiotic & prebiotic should be your first step. A blend of beneficial gut bacteria, these fast-acting nutrients help target tummy troubles at the source.

These digestive nutrients are found amongst our range of clean and natural supplements, sustainably produced to align with our environmentally friendly values. Our careful selection of the finest, vet-approved micronutrients in precise dosages delivers powerful efficacy that’s suitable for any dog age or breed!

So whether you have a bouncy pup or a graceful senior, we help dogs like yours live longer and better lives so you can enjoy more of those family moments together. Click below to discover our fabulous range of health supplements – everything from healthier tummies to all-natural joint support and shiny coats!

To discover more in their vet-approved range, visit www.buddyandlola.co.uk today.



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