CATSCat HealthcareTicked off with tick bites?

Ticked off with tick bites?

Ticks are small, blood-sucking parasites that can transmit serious diseases. Typically found in rural land, long grass and vegetation, these diminutive bloodsuckers lie in wait for passing dogs and cats to brush past, ready to latch onto their skin and start feeding.

Ticks usually aim for non-hairy areas like the face, neck, ears and belly, attaching to your pet via their sharp mouthparts. Once locked on, ticks start feeding on your pet’s blood and will stay there until full; this ‘meal’ can last for days.

Ticks are not just a nuisance; they are also known as ‘vectors’ for disease transmission. This means they can carry micro-organisms that can cause diseases in both animals and humans, such as Lyme disease (a potentially very serious bacterial infection that can be passed on to dogs and to people). These diseases are transmitted when infected ticks are left to feed on pets, which is why preventing ticks is key. There are many different tick-protection products available.

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Did you know that tick products work in different ways? Some products such as tablets and some spot-ons are active in your pet’s bloodstream, meaning ticks need to attach and feed before they die.

The Seresto Flea and Tick Control collar is different; the active ingredients in the collar are released throughout your pet’s skin and coat at a low controlled rate over 7 to 8 months, actively repelling and killing ticks without the need for them to bite, so you don’t have to deal with the unpleasantness of having ticks attach to your pet.*


When a tick lands on your pet, the combination of clinically proven active ingredients, unique to Seresto, are absorbed by the parasite through contact with their bodies, leading to paralysis of the tick, causing it to stop taking a blood meal.

Dog with owner on sofaConvenient for owners, the collar works for 7 to 8 months, offering the longest-lasting flea and tick protection in a single application, plus it features a specially designed safety release mechanism to give you peace of mind.

Seresto also works fast to kill fleas on your pet, helping keep your pet and home protected against fleas for 7 to 8 months. It’s a fuss-free application — simply pop the collar on your pet, no mess, no smell, no grease and no need to remember monthly flea and tick applications.

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*Information is regarding mode of action and is not intended to imply parasites can be completely stopped from biting. An attachment of single ticks after treatment cannot be excluded; for this reason, a transmission of infectious diseases cannot be completely excluded if conditions are unfavourable.
Seresto® Flea and Tick Control collar contains imidacloprid and flumethrin [NFA-VPS]. Advice should be sought from the medicine prescriber. Further information from the data sheet at or on request. Seresto® and the diagonal bar logo are trademarks of Elanco or its affiliates. Elanco UK AH Ltd., Form 2, Bartley Wood Business Park, Bartley Way, Hook, RG27 9XA, United Kingdom. Tel. +44 (0) 1256 353131. PM-UK-22-0262



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