ArchiveTravelling Europe: Is It Time Your Pet Had A Holiday?

Travelling Europe: Is It Time Your Pet Had A Holiday?

Why travelling to Europe with your four-legged friend has never been easier.

If you’ve always had a sneaking suspicion that a holiday isn’t a proper holiday without your pet alongside you, we’ve some very good news: it’s the purrfect time to go travelling in Europe with your four-legged friend.

The Holiday Basics

travelling Europe dog in car

First things first, make sure your pet’s paperwork and vaccinations are in order before travelling Europe. You’ll need a pet passport, which you can apply for from your local vet. They’ll be able to arrange the passport, vaccinations and microchipping that your dog, cat (or ferret!) will need.

When you’re packing the car for you and your pet, don’t forget to pack the basics of course: any leads, food, water and bowls. Then there’s the in-car entertainment, like their favourite toy from home. If your pet’s going to be travelling in a cage or a crate then it’s worth taking them for a few rides in it first to settle them in, before they suddenly find themselves clocking up the miles across Europe.

Checking Out The Continent

If you’re wondering where to go as you drive off in Calais, we can help with some ideas. For starters, France is one of the dog-friendliest countries in Europe, where even Michelin-starred restaurants (of which there are quite a few!) will give a warm welcome to you and your doggy diner.

Or perhaps why not venture east to Germany, just a few hours away from Calais by speedy motorway? Berlin’s hotels are renowned for being pro-pooch. Or head south to Zurich in Switzerland, a city known for welcoming our four-legged friends, allowing pets on public transport and in hotels. Keep heading south to enjoy some famous Italian hospitality and check out the famously dog-friendly Bau Beach just outside Rome, with its own Bau boat that lets you take your dog on deck!

Heading Home

As your travels come to an end, you’ll need to find a vet abroad who will give your dog a tapeworm tablet and record it in your pet’s passport, to be checked as you come back through border checks. This needs to be administered by a vet between 24-120 hours before arriving back in the UK.

travelling Europe pet receptionChecking In, In France

When you arrive at the Eurotunnel terminal, you must check into our dedicated Pet Reception in France, which is open 24 hours. Bring your booking confirmation number, and your pet’s passport, as this will help speed up the pet check-in process.

Before You Board

Before you board Le Shuttle, make sure your four-legged friend has stretched their paws with a trip to our dedicated pet area. Our large UK pet area has artificial grass and fun dog agility equipment to keep your canine entertained (we all know how cats feel about this kind of thing, but you’re welcome to let them try too if you’re feeling brave). Most of our pet areas also have water fountains and complimentary poop bags, and we give out complimentary pet treats during peak holiday seasons throughout the year.

Once you’ve driven onto one of our shuttles, you’ll both be able to enjoy some quality time together in the car for the 35-minute trip. Pets are only £19 per pet each way.

So what are you waiting for? Travelling Europe and all its pet adventures await!

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