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Treats for the Sweetest Pets Ever

The holidays are a wonderful time to show those who you love best how much you care; giving them a little something extra by treating them with gifts they wouldn’t normally give themselves.

Since your pets can never give themselves something extra, now is a great time for you to show them how much you appreciate and value their unconditional love and companionship.

It’s important to choose treats that are tasty and made with healthy ingredients … and if they provide an extra benefit to your pet too, then that’s the little touch that makes them the perfect reward. This is the reason why Wellness CORE developed their new Reward+ Treats:

Four enticing options, each recipe with a specific health benefit:

  • Reward+ Digestion: a krill-based recipe to help promote a healthy gut and digestion
  • Reward+ Calming: a duck-based recipe that helps calm your dog, made with passionflower and chamomile
  • Reward+ Skin & Coat: a salmon-based recipe beneficial to skin and coat
  • Reward+ Mobility: a turkey-based recipe supporting optimal hip & joint health


Wellness CORE Reward+ Treats are packed with high-quality proteins, nutrients and superfoods that contribute to your dog’s overall health, which make these the perfectly healthy way to indulge your dog this Christmas.

Find out more about Wellness CORE here: www.wellnesspetfood.com/natural-dog-food/core.



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