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Urban Pup – Partners in fashion

Urban Pup products are a blend of style and practicality, they make your dog look good but keep it safe dry and warm at the same time.

Urban Pup harnessOne of the best parts about dog ownership it is taking him or her out for a walk. A lot of owners will often use a dog collar, but if you want something strong and safe, then it’s best to go for a harness. Small dogs and puppies whose fragile necks and spines could easily be hurt by a sudden sharp pull on a leash are prime candidates for body harnesses. Our harnesses are lightweight and incredibly strong, designed by Urban Pup to provide the ultimate in comfort and safety. It features a breathable material for maximum air circulation that helps prevent your dog overheating and is held in place by a secure clip in action. The soft padded breathable side covers the dog’s chest and the lead clips onto the D-Ring between the shoulder blades. A matching lead for every harness we sell is available to complete the outfit.

Dog wearing Urban Pup harnessAs we know there are dogs especially strong dogs who tend to pull on the lead and for this type of dog a collar is not always suitable, but of course for a dog who doesn’t pull on the lead a collar is perfectly acceptable. Because the harness holds onto the dog’s entire body, it provides a stronger hold. This will give you more control over the dog during your hike or stroll. If you want the dog to change direction, the harness can easily grab the dog and help you pull him or her towards your desired destination.

According to, a dog harness is a safer alternative to a collar if your dog is a puller. They also provide more control when walking. With a dog harness, the dog is less likely to pull. This is mainly because it feels the entire material around its body taking it towards the direction you want to lead them. It’s like a giant hand that is around the dog. Therefore, the dog is less likely to pull back because he or she knows that the harness is stronger than them. The collar, on the other hand, is only wrapped around the dog’s neck. The dog will think that the collar is not strong enough. Therefore, it is more likely to pull against you to get to their desired direction.

Dog SafetySafety is paramount when travelling in the car with your dog and ensuring that they are comfortable yet restrained is essential for their safety and yours. A harness comes into its own here when combined with our simple but highly effective Urban Pup Universal Seat Belt Restraint. Designed to be used in conjunction with any of our harnesses one end clips the harness and the other clips quickly and easily into your car’s seatbelt holder. Your dog can either sit on the seat safely on the seat or inside a car cradle.

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