B.W. (before Waggel) pet insurance companies overwhelmed people with mountains of paperwork, umpteen policies to choose from, and confusing wording, which was so mysterious even Sherlock Holmes would be stumped – but we changed that.

We’ve cut the cr*p so all frowns are upside down. Our fully digital nature means zero trees are unnecessarily sacrificed in the name of confusion. It also means everything is super quick, easy, and seamless. In fact, making a claim with us is so easy, even your pet could do it. Being fully digital doesn’t take away from our human side though. At the end of the day, Waggel is run by pet owners, for pet owners. All language we use is human, and our team of Customer Champions who are on hand to help you in times of need are also human, trained vet nurses, and extremely lovely.

B.W., pet insurance companies were only there when you needed to make a claim – that’s not our way. We aim to keep all our pets as healthy as possible all year round. We know sometimes a vet visit can seem like a costly and unnecessary over reaction, whilst doing nothing can also feel like the wrong response. That’s why Waggel members get access to free vet video calls, which are available 24/7. We also understand that knowing your dog inside out takes time and practice and that sometimes it can all be a bit too much. That is why we provide our members with free consultations with a dog behaviour and wellness specialist, who has over 10 years experience. Value even when you’re not claiming.

The only overwhelming thing we allow at Waggel is your pets’ overwhelming cuteness.

We were given a 450 word count to hit, but, like our insurance, we kept it simple and straight to the point and only used 285 words. So for the rest of our allotted space, here is a little ode to all pets…

Dogs go woof and cats go meow,

They understand us but we don’t know how.

We take dogs for walks, and treat cats like gods,

In return, they let us stroke their bods.

To our dogs, we are their unquestioned leaders,

Yet our cats seem to treat us like their on-demand feeders.

Both make us happy nice and remove all sad,

Having them in our lives makes us eternally glad

For more information, please visit: www.waggel.co.uk