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Welcome to The Net Vet – The Fast and Affordable way to talk to a UK licensed Vet!

Imagine having a friendly, experienced vet available at just the touch of a button, no matter where you are or what time it is.
With The Net Vet, that vision is now a reality. Our innovative app brings expert veterinary care to your fingertips, transforming how you manage your pet’s health with convenience and ease.
We believe that every pet deserves the best care, anytime and anywhere. The Net Vet app not only provides immediate veterinary advice but also builds a global community of caring professionals and pet lovers.

Why joining The Net Vet can help pet owners care for their furry companions?:

  • On-demand, real-time Vet access: Get connected with a UK licensed veterinarians through our easy-to-use app. Whether it’s a sudden illness, a behavioural query, or just a routine check-in, professional support is just a tap away.
  • No more stress: Skip the hassle of pet carriers, traffic, waiting rooms and costly fees. Consult with a vet from the comfort of your home, or even whilst on vacation.
  • Tailored for busy pet parents: Our flexible service includes both test and video consultations, as well as being able to share picture and video messages. All to suit your schedule and needs.
  • Pet care, simplified: Our interface is designed for ease, making it feel as straighforwasrd as messaging a friend. The peace of mind you need, delivered through a friendly and accessible platform.

Features all Net Vet members can expect::

  • Live Consultations: Connect via a live video call with experienced vets, or chat and send pictures or videos.
  • 24/7 Availability (coming soon): Round-the-clock access to veterinary professionals.
  • Multi-Pet Profiles: Easily manage multiple pets under one account.
  • Follow-up Care: Schedule follow-up sessions to ensure your pet’s ongoing health.

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