CATSCat Food & TreatsWhat does good cat food need?

What does good cat food need?

There is a wide range of cat food available in stores.

But the most important point is that the cat food doesn’t only taste good to your cat, but that it is also easy to digest and provides your cat with everything it needs to stay happy and healthy. At the same time the quality of the cat food should be high. This sounds simple, but what does it mean in detail?

What are daily requirements for cats?
Cats are carnivores and their body is designed for eating meat. They have a short intestine that digests meat and the carbohydrates, fats and proteins it contains. In view of this fact, it is obvious that high-quality cat food should contain at least 80 percent meat to be a species-appropriate cat food, just like PLATINUM MeatCrisp does!

Not only the proportion of meat is important, but also the quality. Average industrial cat food partly consists of only a small proportion of meat of inferior quality. Meat – especially high-quality meat – is expensive to buy. Therefore, manufacturers of industrial cat food like to use cheap by-products such as slaughterhouse waste, production waste from the food industry or inferior-quality meat. Meat- and bone meal are also often used as an alternative to fresh meat in high-quality cat food. Unfortunately, savings are being made at the wrong end here, because even if the cat eats the food, it is at the expense of the animal’s health.
Cat hunting prey

The importance of the production method
The best ingredients or the highest meat content do not have an effect if the production method cooks away any natural ingredients. Resulting from this, vitamins, trace elements and amino acids, often have to be added back artificially. Unfortunately, this happens with most cat foods, due to pressing together ingredients with water and heating at high temperatures to form a malleable ‘meat mixture’. After that, small pieces are formed and put through a dryer, before being packaged and sold as conventional dry cat food. Cats like this type of dry food and eat it from their dish daily, but veterinarians testify that this low quality production process can harm the cat’s health in the medium to long term.

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In contrast, we at PLATINUM use a Freshmeatdryer. Fresh meat is used in this process to prepare nutritious dry food which preserves the fresh meat’s natural micronutrients and amino acids. The Freshmeatdryer crisps the fresh meat along with all other important ingredients at a low temperature and with circulating air. The slow and even drying process preserves the natural taste of the meat, while maintaining the right nutritional composition for cat’s health. MeatCrisp is therefore super tasty for your cat and doesn’t need any attractants.

PLATINUM MeatCrisp cat food

Compare the following points when selecting a cat food to ensure it contains everything your cat needs:

  • Production process: gentle production to preserve natural vitamins, trace elements and amino acids
  • Is fresh meat used or only meat meal and bone meal?
  • Does it contain little to no meat? (Optimal amount: at least 80 percent fresh meat)
  • Proportion of carbohydrates (as a favourable admixture in the food)
  • Does it contain nutrient-less water instead of nutrient-rich meat juice?
  • Were the nutrients and flavours added artificially?
  • Avoid cat food with artificial flavour, colour and odour enhancers!

PLATINUM MeatCrisp cat food

Discover PLATINUM MeatCrisp – the nutritious dry cat food! The advantages speak for themselves:

  • 83% fresh meat (no meat meal or bone meal)
  • Freshmeatdryer as a production process
  • Natural ingredients
  • No attractants
  • No grains containing gluten
  • Nutritious and easily digestible
  • Taurine optimised

PLATINUM MeatCrisp cat food

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