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WeatherBeeta – Whatever the weather

Whatever the weather throws at you whilst out on a walk, protect your dog with a WeatherBeeta dog coat.

Whether your dog has fine fur, is young, underweight, old, unwell, or just loves spending long periods of time outside in wet or cold conditions, they could benefit from wearing a dog coat. There are many different options available, from those with little or no polyfill for wet, mild days, such as the WeatherBeeta Green-Tec Lite Plus and WeatherBeeta Windbreaker Free or two-in-1 coats, like the WeatherBeeta Premier Free Duo Deluxe, provide versatility throughout the seasons, with a 0g waterproof outer and removable fleece liner.

For cold, wet days, a waterproof coat with polyfill, such as the WeatherBeeta Premier Free Parka, helps to reflect your dogs’ natural body heat, allowing them to keep warm on even the chilliest of days. As the days get shorter, a reflective dog coat is a great way of increasing their visibility whilst out on dark walkies, and indoor coats are a great option for after wet walks or baths, as the breathable fabric helps to maintain warmth whilst your dog is less active.

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