e-NewsletterWhen fresh food is best! Only Naked Dog will do

When fresh food is best! Only Naked Dog will do

When fresh food is best! Only Naked Dog will do. Complete and balanced ready to serve meals with superfoods, herbs and nourishing fresh meats. With our own Doctors, TV Chefs and health professionals advising us to eat fresh foods over processed it’s only natural to wonder if fresh food is better for your dog too.

Fresh food is packed with a multitude of health-giving anti-oxidants and also has the correct Omega 3 fats your dog needs. These nutrients are lost in food processing, heat, light and storage. Only fresh food provides the optimal amount your dog needs in their diet.

Fresh raw food has also been proven* to encourage a certain, healthier microbiome balance, over processed food. That way boosting digestion, supporting skin ailments and improving immunity.
We have over 250 nationwide stockists waiting to support you, the switch to feeding fresh will be the best decision you’ll ever make for your dog. You won’t find freshness on a shelf, Naked Dog is the real deal.

At Naked Dog we are on a mission to do what’s right for dogs. We invite you and your dog to be part of that!

For more information please refer to our website – www.nakeddog.co.uk

*all studies included on our educational Naked Dog blog page!



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