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Why is flea & worming important?

Its vital that we keep a regular routine when it comes to fleaing and worming our pets.
Fleas can cause irritation, and in some cases dermatitis (also referred to as Flea Allergic Dermatitis). This will need vet intervention to help get your pets skin back to being healthy.
Fleas are also carriers of tapeworm, which can cause stomach upset in your pet. If left untreated, your pet could become very sick.

That’s why we recommend our complete parasite protection range:
Fipnil Plus is a combination product to help kill and prevent fleas on your pet. A monthly application all year round will ensure the best protection. The Prazitel range is a combination wormer that helps treat tapeworm infestations in your pet.

A quarterly application all year round will ensure the best protection (speak to your animal medicines advisor if more frequent use is recommended in your area).
Combat pesky parasites with Fipnil Plus & Prazitel today. Available online and in selected stores.

For more information vist www.petdrugsonline.co.ukk



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