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Win 3 Months Of Delicious, Sustainable Percuro Dog Food Worth £160!

winPercuro is the future of dog food:
a revolutionary, next-generation food made from novel protein, packed full of the good stuff your dog needs with a fraction of the environmental impact.

Dogs and cats eat an incredible 20% of all the world’s meat and fish, and with the meat and livestock industry itself generating up to 18% of total greenhouse gas emissions, it’s crucial we find a more sustainable way to feed our furry friends.

Percuro is a delicious, nutritious and sustainable alternative to traditional meat-based pet foods. Our food contains zero traditional meat products, with the majority of the protein in our recipe sourced from clean, sustainable insect farming.

We designed Percuro from the ground up to be a sustainable, environmentally-friendly dog food alternative that tastes amazing. Best of all, our unique recipe is nutritionally balanced, combining natural, hypoallergenic ingredients with a special blend of vitamins and minerals, ensuring a happy and healthy pup.

Question: What percentage of the world’s meat and fish do cats and dogs eat?

Please email your answer, name, address and number to for the chance to WIN!

Entries close on 5pm Thursday 22nd July 2021 and the WINNER will be announced at 1pm Friday 23rd July 2021.

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