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Worm Control in Dogs & Cats from Chanelle Pharma

Prazitel is a range of worming tablets designed to treat worm infestation in cats and dog. Prazitel Plus (pictured) is specifically designed to tackle common intestinal parasites such as roundworm, tapeworm, hookworm & whipworm.

Prazitel Plus infoPrazitel should be given to your pet monthly when in the following scenarios:

  • Living with children under 5, people who are immune compromised and/or the elderly
  • Outdoor cats
  • Dogs walked off lead
  • Pets who hunt/scavage

(ESCCAP Guideline Worm Control in Dogs and Cats, Feb 2020)

If the above does not apply, then quarterly treatment is recommended. Intestinal worms are not impacted by external environments. Therefore, it is recommended to worm your pet all year round.

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