DOGSWorried about rise in dog thefts?

Worried about rise in dog thefts?

Over the last year, the demand for dogs has skyrocketed and the price for puppies has more than doubled. As breeders struggle to keep up with demand, this has also led to a dramatic rise in dog thefts as with thieves taking advantage of the shortage.

In fact, it’s estimated dog thefts have gone up by 250%, and that many dogs reported as lost have actually been stolen. Police believe that organised gangs are stealing puppies to sell and adult dogs for breeding purposes as a way to make a quick profit.

What can owners do to keep their dog safe?

Whilst the figures are scary, there are steps you can take to try and prevent the worst from happening like never leaving your dog unattended, training them to return to you when called and attaching a GPS tracker to their collar for the ultimate peace of mind.

Pawfit tracker on mobile phoneAs well as being an activity monitor, Pawfit 2 is a highly accurate location tracker which can be worn securely on your dog’s collar/harness day and night and their location viewed via the free Pawfit mobile app. Using GPS technology, Pawfit 2 tracks and updates your dog’s location every 30 seconds to 2 minutes but when your dog is out of sight, Live Tracking can be switched on to update their location every 5 seconds.

Pawfit 2 also has plenty of additional security measures designed to further reassure you that your dog is safe. In the Pawfit mobile app, you can create a virtual fence around your home and whenever your dog leaves that area, you’ll get an instant mobile alert. Plus, you’ll also receive a mobile alert whenever Pawfit is removed from your dog’s collar as well as the location the tracker was removed.

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