CATSCat Pet TechWorried about your pet’s weight?

Worried about your pet’s weight?

Check out these top tips for a healthier and happier companion

Here at Closer Pets, we’ve been supporting the health and well-being of pets for over 30 years, and helping owners to care for their furry friends in the best way possible. From automatic feeders to flowing drinking fountains and lockable cat flaps, our smart pet products promote a healthy diet, greater hydration and increased security.

Read on to discover our top health and well-being tips – and an exclusive Closer Pets discount!

Our pets are cherished family members, and the joy they bring has been a lifeline during the pandemic. But, if we’re honest, they’ve probably been a little spoiled of late, with housebound owners admitting that there’s been indulgence all round!

But while we humans may joke about having gained a few ‘lockdown pounds’, obesity can be the leading cause of serious pet health conditions like cancer, arthritis, diabetes and high blood pressure.

So, if your furry friend has been looking a little…‘rounder’ of late, here’s how you can get their diet back on track…

1. Portion perfection

Dogs portion food sizesA key way of keeping your pets’ waistline in check is by monitoring their portion sizes. Research indicates that more than three quarters of owners are unsure about how much their pets should weigh, and a third never measure portions.1 Remember, your pet doesn’t have a ‘full’ button – so it’s up to you to provide consistent servings, and you can always ask your vet about portion sizes.

2. Rev up your routine

Another reason your pet might have put on the pounds recently is a lack of feeding schedule. Our four-legged friends crave routine, and feeding them at regular intervals will promote steady growth and development. What’s more, if you’ve been working from home and are soon heading back to the office, this is the perfect opportunity to establish a new routine.

3. Resist the treat temptation

We know – it’s hard to resist those ‘puppy dog eyes’ or your kitty’s mews for food! Why not replace treats with playtime or even a new toy, to stop your pampered pets associating good behaviour exclusively with food-based treats?

Dogs walk in woods

4. Get active

Of course, ‘well-being’ isn’t just about diet. A key way of tackling weight is supporting healthy eating with regular exercise. If you found yourself going on more dog walks during lockdown, make sure you keep it up, and also ensure your cat has regular access to the great outdoors.

5. Highlight hydration

Regular drinking aids digestion and helps flush out toxins that may build up, which can cause kidney or urinary tract disease. Cats and dogs absolutely love moving water, so opt for a solution that taps into their animal instincts to drink from streams. At Closer Pets, we might just be able to help with that…

And finally, be patient! Weight management is a process, and you can slowly build up to any dietary or lifestyle changes. The main goal is to support your pet in having a healthy and active lifestyle, ultimately helping them shed any extra lockdown pounds and leading their best life.

If you’re worried about your pet’s health or aren’t seeing weight-loss results, it’s worth visiting the vet for specialist nutrition advice.

How Closer Pets can help

Here at Closer Pets, our products are designed to give you a deeper understanding of your companions’ needs – for example, their love of routine and taste for running water. So, if you and your pet are embarking on a health kick, we’re with you every step of the way!
And, for our Healthy Pet Guide readers, we’re making caring for your pet even easier with an exclusive 15% off our product range, using the code: HEALTHY15.

Automatic pet feeders

Our cute companions seem to have a remarkably good memory when it comes to mealtimes, and our pet feeders will help you stick to a set routine and portion size (even if you’re out). Our programmable dispensers can schedule multiple meals in advance and reliably serve fresh, consistent portions at regular intervals, helping to keep your dog or cat at a healthy weight.

So, whether you’re home or away, you’ll know that each meal will be on time, healthy and fresh.

We recommend: Five-meal Automatic Pet Feeder with Digital Timer

Automatic pet feeder

Cat flaps

Exercise supports weight loss, and our smart cat flaps can help encourage your pets to get moving. Give your feline friends the freedom to roam independently during the day, and allow your dog to get plenty of fresh air and stimulation in between walks.

From simple lockable pet doors to smart cat flaps that use microchip technology, we have a solution for all households. They give you ultimate control of your companions’ movements, meaning they can be kept indoors when needed – for example, keeping them safe at night.

We recommend: Microchip Cat Flap

Cat flap

Pet fountains

Our pet drinking fountains make hydration one of the highlights of the day, keeping your companions topped up with a fresh supply of H2O. With multi-height reservoirs, these unique thirst-quenchers provide plenty of water movement to ensure naturally oxygenated, tasty water and promote increased drinking. What’s more, the filters in pet fountains will trap any nasties, and remove any chlorine and odours to keep your pets fully refreshed!

We recommend: Three-level Two-litre Pet Fountain

Cat with per fountain

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