ArchiveYuMOVE, the UK’s number one* clinically proven** vet joint supplement brand

YuMOVE, the UK’s number one* clinically proven** vet joint supplement brand

launching a new range of innovative supplements – YuMOVE Daily Bites – to help support and maintain joint mobility in dogs of all ages. Available in three variants, depending on age, the range features high-quality supplements for young, adult and senior dogs, which come in a treat-size format, providing essential daily joint support for dogs – in a soft chew they will love.

Packed with high-quality Omega 3’s from the world’s top-strength, sustainably sourced ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussels, Daily Bites offer dogs everyday natural joint support. The daily soft chews are full of flavour and are designed to be easily incorporated into existing routines. Owners will feel assured that these products help play a supportive role with long-term canine joint health.

The new products support dogs’ different stages in joint mobility, catering to various life phases. YuMOVE Daily Bites Young have been created especially for younger, youthful dogs, and helps aid more active joints, as well as supporting joint development with its special agility and development formula.

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Alongside this, the YuMOVE Daily Bites Adult is designed for dogs that are developing stiff joints or starting to show signs of slight decrease in mobility. It aids active joints, supports joint health and helps mobility. The final product within the range, YuMOVE Daily Bites Senior, provides extra joint support for older, stiff dogs, providing a supplement which is higher in strength to help aid stiff joints.

YuMOVE’s mission is to keep pets active for life. They continue to help pets lead their best lives with brand new YuMOVE Daily Bites, promoting good joint mobility and active bone movement. Available in three different varieties, there’s something for every dog’s lifecycle to help maximise their needs at that specific time. Learn more on YuMOVE

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