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ZIWI® Peak: Build Your Bowl

A common worry for pet owners is knowing if their pet is receiving the nutrition they require to live a long and healthy life.

Cats and dogs are carnivores, so they live healthier lives on a carnivorous diet. Just some of the benefits of a carnivorous diet is increased energy and vitality, improved gut health and digestion, healthier skin and coat and improved heart and cognitive health.

Woman with catOne way you can be assured that you are providing the best in nutrition is to understand the food you are feeding. ZIWI® has a wide range of nutrient dense recipes that you can feed in a variety of ways, giving you peace of mind that you are doing the best thing for your pet’s diet.

A way to approach feeding time is using a feeding system called “build your bowl” to ensure you provide your pet the best nutrition to thrive. Using a combination of different types of food lets you customise mealtimes to the specific needs of your pet and provide variety through rotational feeding.

ZIWI® Peak Air-dried and Canned foods are complete and balanced meaning they meet the daily nutritional requirements of your pet for them to reach their peak conditioning. Feed as a full bowl or used as a topper to boost the nutrient value of your current food.

This simple two step feeding system is a great way to build the ideal bowl.

  1. Scoop

  2. The best bowl starts with a complete and balanced base. Choose a base food that is high in real meat and processed in way that retains the nutritional value of the ingredients. ZIWI recipes start with the best ingredients from New Zealand. ZIWI only uses ethically raised grass-fed and free-range meat and sustainably caught fish. These ingredients are gently processed to provide the nutrition of a raw diet with the convenience of being ready to serve. Your pet may prefer a wet or dry base food, sometimes it is just a case of individual taste or what works best for you and your pet.

  3. Top

  4. Then add a topper which should be about 10% of your pet’s meal. ZIWI’s Original Series Air-dried recipes includes the unique Z-BOOST® superfood boost, a 50% blend of cold-washed green tripe, New Zealand green mussels and organic kelp. It makes the perfect topper full of targeted nutrients. Simple scoop from the bag and sprinkle over your existing food to boost the nutritional value of your pet’s meal. Because ZIWI is high in real protein, their recipes taste amazing and are irresistible, even to the pickiest of eaters.

woman feeding dog Ziwi

woman feeding dog ZiwiNo matter what you chose to feed your pet, always look for ways you can boost their diet. Following a two-step process to boost the nutrition of your pet’s diet is an easy and convenient way to add a nutritional kick in a great tasting way that lets your pet lead a happier life and have more time for bonding with you.




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