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ZIWI® Peak: Nutrition Without Compromise


ZIWI® is a New Zealand family owned business, born in 2002 from a love for dogs and cats. Inspired by raw nutrition, ZIWI® Peak whole-prey recipes and rewards are crafted to meet the biological needs of cats and dogs. The recipes feature high inclusions of free-range meat and organs, sustainable wild-caught fish and whole Green Mussels, all sourced from New Zealand. Whether it’s ZIWI® Peak air-dried, wet foods or Dog Rewards, all products are proudly made in New Zealand in their very own kitchens, then distributed to more than 30 countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, Europe, United States of America, Canada, Australia and Asia.


Ziwi productsBig or small, all dogs and cats are carnivores and they thrive on meat. Pure and simple, made for a carnivore, ZIWI® Peak whole-prey recipes feature high inclusions of meat, organs, bone and seafood – without unnecessary carbohydrates such as grain, potato, or starches. Added superfoods include at least 10% cold-washed green tripe, organic kelp and New Zealand green mussels for an additional nutritional boost.

Taking cues from Mother Nature, what’s not in each recipe is just as important as what is. Every ZIWI® Peak recipe is free from grains, high glycemic ingredients and artificial preservatives such as glycerine and binders like carrageenan or gums.


Good food starts with great ingredients. From free-range and grass-fed meats and sustainable seafood to free-range chicken, ZIWI® Peak ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced under strict New Zealand standards.

Raised without added hormones or growth promotants:
Farming is hard work, but New Zealand farmers have a passion for doing things naturally – you will not find any added hormones or growth promotants in any ZIWI® Peak products.

Free-Range, Grass-Fed Farming:
Ethical and humane farming isn’t a job; it’s simply a way of life. Grass-fed lamb and beef are raised on lush rolling pastures of grass and clover, while free-range venison is raised on native grasses in the valleys of New Zealand’s South Island. While in most parts of the world chicken is viewed as a commodity ingredient, ZIWI® Peak chicken is raised free-range with plenty of room to run around and spread their wings.

Sustainable Seafood:
New Zealand is isolated and remote, away from heavy population and pollution, with waters that have a reputation for being some of the most pristine in the world. With a goal to keep waters plentiful for future generations, our fish are wild-caught, under New Zealand’s strict fishing quotas and our New Zealand green mussels are considered one of the most sustainable seafood options in the world.





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